Chimp Team

Steve Newman
Owner, Founder & Brewer

Nickname: Boss

Favorite Beer: The original Dragon’s Milk imperial stout from Néw Holland, it’s a great way to stay warm inside on a cold winter night.

Favorite Brother Chimp Beer: In the morning Smile, because a “Smile” is the best way to start your day. Watching a baseball game, Homer, because nothing says baseball like an American Pilsner. After mowing the lawn, nothing is more refreshing than a Haka. On St Paddy’s day SIGFY. On Oktoberfest you can’t beat a Schimpansenfest. On a cold winter’s night Saorsa keeps me warm… So I guess you could say it depends on the occasion.

Hidden or Not So Hidden Talent: Playing Darts

You would be surprised to know that …. I spent a year living in Israel after high school.

Favorite thing about Brother Chimp Brewing: Watching new friendships form.

Start Date: The very beginning (December of 2018)

Sam Altaner
Head Brewer

Nickname: The Treasurer of the Tri-Clamp

Favorite Beer: Hill Farmstead Arthur. A phenomenal expression of American saison, just wishes it was a bit more accessible.

Favorite Brother Chimp Beer: Haka, New Zealand Pils. This beer merges a few of my favorite qualities in beer, the smooth, crisp bready character of lagers, and the bright, fruity aromas in new varietals of hops. I also love that this beer is low enough abv that I can throw back a few of them on a nice afternoon, while still being able to do some yard work.

Hidden or Not So Hidden Talent: Well the not so hidden one is probably brewing beer, as that's the most visible thing about me on a day to day basis at Brother Chimp. In regards to hidden talent, I would say that I make a mean bowl of ramen noodles. It's a mostly hidden talent because a select few people have been able to try them, as it consumes almost an entire weekend in preparation.

You would be surprised to know that... When I'm not brewing, I enjoy wandering around the woods and foraging for edible mushrooms and plants.

Favorite Thing About Brother Chimp Brewing: The crew! Everyone here is super fun, endlessly interesting, and wildly talented in their own regard. I truly enjoy coming in and knowing that there'll never be a dull, boring moment, regardless of who I'm working with that day.

Start Date: August 10th, 2020

Jessica Voigt
Taproom Manager

Nickname: Jessie or Finger Guns

Favorite Beer: My favorite beers are German & Belgian styles, like Kolsch, Helles, Dunkel, Pilsner, Oktoberfest, Schwarzbier, etc… but I have a special place in my heartfor 3 Floyd’s Gumballhead.

Favorite Brother Chimp Beer: Kima Blonde, What the? Munich Helles, Broken Brix Belgian Blonde & Quincy Kolsch.

Hidden or Not So Hidden Talent: Not so hidden is my passion for the art and science of fermentation. I have experience fermenting beer, wine, cider and mead. But my absolute favorite thing to do is sing! You’ll find me singing, humming or whistling behind the bar or at the local karaoke spot in my spare time.

You would be surprised to know that … I am more comfortable in and near water than on land. I am tall and clumsy, but steady and sleek in the water. I used to swim competitively, lifeguard, and scuba dive. My goal is to retire near the ocean someday.

Start Date: December 3, 2019

Mike Everitt

Nick Name: Ev

Favorite Beer: Off Color Brewing Apex Predator

Favorite Brother Chimp Beer: It truly depends on the weather… In the summertime, I like Jacques, our Rye Saison. In the winter time, Novia Schwarzbier is my go-to.

Hidden or Not So Hidden Talent: I enjoy fishing in my down time. (With a cold beer in my hand, of course!) It doesn’t take much talent and arose from my decreasing talent in golf. I am a firm believer in the saying, “There ain’t no such thing as a bad day fishing.”

You would be surprised to know that… I moved back to the area from Arizona about 25 years ago to open a restaurant with a high school friend. It was called Charlie Fox’s Pizza and it was located on the river in downtown Batavia. We had a successful 5 year run before my partner decided to sell it to concentrate on his other business. The sale of the restaurant gave me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad for my newborn son Nick. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!

Favorite Thing About Brother Chimp Brewing: This is an easy one… the people that I’ve met during my time here. The new friendships that have developed with my co-workers and customers have been so rewarding! I feel very lucky to be part of the BCB family… The free beer doesn’t suck either. I enjoy my “10 oz. Beer Breaks.”

Start Date: August 2020

Ross O’Neill

Nick Name: Squatchimus Prime

Favorite Beer: Korbinian

Favorite Brother Chimp Beer: Saorsa

Hidden or Not So Hidden Talent: Jedi master profanity proficient.

You would be surprised to know that...I’ve never been to Vegas.

Favorite Thing About Brother Chimp Brewing: The Folk.

Start Date: June 2020

Ted Fanning

Nick Name: "New Guy" for now anyways

Favorite Beer: My favorite beer style right now would be anything in the IPA family, from Belgians to West Coast and everything in between. However, I have really been drawn in lately to doppelbocks. Something about that ruby red color, that toasted Munich flavor, and crisp end. Whenever I see one, I get one.

Favorite Brother Chimp Beer: Welp.... I got 2..."A Winter in Bruges" and "Kvinna".

Hidden or Not So Hidden Talent: If I have a hidden talent, I have yet to find it. I will keep my eyes open and let you know. Oh! I like to avoid questions about myself! Is that a talent? I think that's a talent....

You would be surprised to know that... I was born in Cincinnati and transplanted to Illinois -against my will- in 1981. I had no choice at the time, since I was still a child when we moved. As a result, I am still a diehard Cincinnati Bengals fan, and usually die-hard every Sunday in football season. The worst thing I have ever done was introduce my son the Bengals and he's probably a bigger fan than I am. It's rough watching them lose all the time, so please be gentle.

Favorite Thing About Brother Chimp Brewing: I was immediately welcomed and considered "family" by Steve, my co-workers, and the regular customers. The diverse beer selection is unlike any other brewery in the Fox Valley area so there is something for everyone. I genuinely have a great time whenever I work and always end up laughing with the people.

Start Date: August 24, 2021